In this series of blog posts, I’ll begin go uncover the tips my family and I used to help me graduate from high school and the lessons I learned along the way.

In this first post, we’ll discuss getting started.

When you think of high school, you will probably think of rigorous tests, numerous exams, extensive course selections, and of course, a diploma. While all these things are true, the most important aspect of any high school is adequate preparation for what comes after 12th grade. While some homeschooling parents don’t think much of what will happen after 8th grade, you should. Why? Because high school should be able to prepare your child for life beyond a grade. Diplomas and tests are just a fraction of the puzzle. In this series, I’ll be explaining everything you need to know about homeschooling through high school, from the beginning to the end. I’ll (hopefully) answer all your questions and shine light on the different options available for your child’s future.

Why is it different?

High school nowadays is just a foundation for the more advanced (post secondary) learning. It is different from grade school because it requires much more attention and much more record keeping. Unlike middle school and elementary school, high school students can take electives, need transcripts, need GPA calculations, need diplomas, and need lots of college prep courses. Middle school students have a set curriculum to take: math, science, reading, writing, language arts, and basic history. In high school, students need a certain number of classes for each grade, and need a certain course for each grade, they also need electives to choose from, and extracurriculars to do in their spare time. Most colleges look for volunteer and work experience, a good yearly GPA, and a good cumulative GPA. Not to mention the preparation for tests like SAT, CLT, and ACT. If a few of these terms don’t sound familiar, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered!

Course work Layout

Normally, high school has a set of required coursework if you plan for your child to go to college. For most colleges, and for the state of Virginia, a normal (college prep) high school course load would have 4 yrs. of English, 2 yrs. of foreign language, 3-4 yrs. of history/geography, 3-4 yrs. of science/computer science, and 3-4 yrs. of math. Courses in history/geography would include world geography, government, economics, Virginia history, world history, and US history. Courses in science would include biology, physics, anatomy, chemistry, and computer science (coding). Courses in math would include algebra I, algebra II, calculus and/or precalulus, computer science, and business math or personal finance. Courses in English would include English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12, and one-semester courses like journalism, creative writing, and essay writing.

It’s good to start out with a comprehensive plan so that things run smoothly in the future. I hope you have great home schooling success!