Great to get some time to post again! I’m especially excited about the many opportunities I’ve had over the past few months to engage my community and push for world-betterment! Do you have a high school student? Or, maybe preparing to have one? Perhaps you are a high school student? Well, great!

Today, we’re discussing honor societies. I know, some of you may be skeptical because your high school counselor may have said “don’t pay for anything that claims to give you money for college.” Believe you me, that may be true in most situations, but this advice shouldn’t always apply to true honor societies.

How to Spot a Real Invitation vs a Scam:

Lot’s of news has been going around about honor society scams. Truthfully, the key difference is simply in the email. Key honor societies are NHS, Eta Sigma Alpha, and NSHSS, among others. But beware of copycats. NSHSS a few years back got a bad name due to all of the scammer emails going out with their name on them. Same for The Honor Society and NHS. Don’t just click on every email you get stating that you’re invited to join an honor society, as they could be phishing bait.

Some key tips to know they’re legit:

1.) They follow-up the email with a real invitation via mail.

2.) You applied on their website or was recommended by an educator you know.

3.) They are a well-known nonprofit or organization with good BBB reviews.

4.) The link to accept the invitation is real website and not a .xyz or .net or .gmail!

5.) A friend or co-op leader you know nominated you or your student.

Good Honor Societies Worth My Time:

The best honor society for homeschool students is by far NSHSS. And, no, I’m not just saying that because of that grant you may have heard about! I’m saying this because of the value of the membership. For a $75 fee, you can have lifetime access to webinars, networking, leadership opportunities, travel discounts, and scholarships. Not to mention, this is one of the only national honor societies which allow homeschooled students to apply and become members. As both a regular member and Student Council member of NSHSS, I can truthfully say that the opportunities offered are beyond useful and helped shape my career life and experiences. They do not discriminate because homeschooled students may have less on their transcript or more based on their schedules, and homeschooled students are applauded when they win scholarships for their hard work without any skepticism. It is a very welcoming community.

Click here to head over and check NSHSS out!

In closing, honor societies help students by giving them access to networking, leadership opportunities, exclusive scholarships and resources, and community experiences unlike any other. Whether you decide to go with NSHSS or any other honor society, be sure to look out for the scams and choose the honor society that can help your high school student reach their full potential.

P.S. Yes, we do appreciate NSHSS even more for their monetary support via the 1st annual Be-More-A-Thon. And maybe your student can win a $10,000 grant next year or in the years to come via NSHSS’s Be-More-A-Thon? Who knows what you can do when you are a member of a supportive community of likeminded scholars.