We are now a few months out from launch and we have some exciting news.

1.) We are now officially listed as a national organization on HSLDA.org, and have thus become a Discount Group. This means that anyone who is currently a member of HSLDA and our organization (or who have signed up for either email updates or our homeschool co-op waitlist) will have a special discount applied for using our code when renewing or purchasing a membership (300017). For current HSLDA members: Send us your current HSLDA membership number to get added right away! For potential HSLDA members: Its worth the money, sign up with our group code to receive the discount.

2.) We now offer HSLDA Academy online courses (starting in February of 2021).

3.) We are launching our podcast at the end of the month! To be revealed January 31st and accessible on our website and major podcasting platforms. Stay tuned in your inbox!

4.) We offer Epic! Library to all families who want either unlimited (during school hours) free student accounts or limited free parent accounts.