Greetings all! Great to post again. 


As you know, we launch on Monday, May 31st, 2021! What you may not know is that we have both volunteer and internship opportunities open for the summer of 2021 and the Fall-Spring of 2022. You may be wondering right now, what is the purpose for those opportunities? Why participate in an internship or volunteer program at all? Well, let me name some of the facts for you below. 




Internships are work-experience programs that provide hands-on career experience for high school and college students. Internships often open doors for future employment at the “host” company or organization, and provide a background into a career field for students who may not know what their future holds. Since internships are prestigious and require admissions similar to a college application, many colleges, employers, and scholarship committees recognize completed internships on a resume as a noticeable achievement. Big companies like Microsoft, Tesla, and Google offer internships. 


Some people think of interns as young people who go on coffee runs or make copies of paperwork, but internships are being redefined in the modern era. Now, most internships are paid, with a large number of stipended internships being available as well. Those internships that are unpaid have to be hands-on and educational in nature, according to the federal guideline for unpaid internships. 


Canary Academy Online’s internship program allows students to get hands-on and practical experience in either running a nonprofit, marketing, or outreach. We have program objectives, goals, and activities that provide meaningful insight into the nonprofit sector. From drafting partnership emails to developing flyers and activity sheets for our resource center, interns get a first-hand look at the inner workings of CAO. This is the same for the majority of well-known internship programs. Look into the Intern Group for a list. 


Volunteer Experience:


There’s not too much to be said about volunteering. We all know volunteering helps us make the world a better place and provide a crucial work force for nonprofits that cannot afford to pay loads of per hour employees. Nowadays, however, colleges and scholarship committees are starting to see the value of volunteering, and they look for signs of it on student resumes and portfolios. It is also a great way to gain career experience and make meaningful connections that will last a lifetime. Check out for more info. 


All in all, both internships and volunteering give students a first-hand look at career path options. They both also provide a meaningful outlet for students to gain experience and prepare for the future. Either way you look at it, these experiences help the world while also propelling students into their futures.