This year, our organization has made many milestones, from raising over $40,000 in grants and donations from donors who believed in our cause to assisting over 150 families in-counting with our EHEP series 2 grant program. Let’s recap!

Our founder, Nasiyah Isra-Ul, was accepted into 4.0 School’s Tiny Fellowship for her idea, Project STEAM LEAP, which has interested over 70 families thus far with their soft launch. This fall, she will be running a 1-2 month long pilot to test her idea for equitable STEAM learning and content for homeschooled students.

EHEP (the Equity in Home Education Program) garnered over 125 applications this year, topping last year’s amount of applications and tripling the amount of counties and cities served in the US. We donated aid packages this time around, providing laptops/tablet, books, school supplies, and more! In addition, we provided school-level access to platforms like Flocabulary and Quizizz for parents to use at home with their students. In addition to the national program, CAO ran two smaller EHEP series for local communities (RVA and Houston, TX). Shout out to Cultural Roots Homeschool Cooperative and Bridges to Science for their help in serving as local distribution centers for aid to get to the families that need them most!

Project Gibbor launched in August! Project Gibbor (pronounced g-ee-b-ore), its a project started by a homeschooled student who wanted to give back to the essential workers in her community while activating and connecting homeschoolers across the US.