CAO Virtual Co-op

Not ready to purchase a membership just yet? No biggie! Our goal is to offer services for everyone. In fact, we have a virtual homeschool group that is completely free for you to join!

We offer core subjects in the form of live classes weekly for K-8 students. However, our co-op also extends past K-8, and provides mentoring, college admissions assistance, and more for high school students as well.

Apply/Sign UpKid's Portal (For existing members only)

Completely Free

Standard membership to this co-op is free of charge and open to all families who are currently homeschooling and/or looking to homeschool within the year.


Totally Virtually

Access from any device anywhere you are (EST time zones for all class times), this co-op has both virtual clubs and virtual classes with homework and instructor assistance.

Universally Accessible

Weekly classes in various subjects will occur throughout the school year 2021-2022. Per increased funding, the classes will continue into next school year (2022-2023).

About the Co-op

Programs for Students

Coming in the late Fall of 2021, students will not only get resources via their parents, they will also get their very own clubs to join and leadership positions to participate in! Come listen to guest speakers teach co-op sessions and learn from other students via a moderated chat platform. Now open to all ages above 8 years old through our CAO kids portal!

Programs for Parents/Guardians

Network with other parents and share the homeschool journey with them. Learn from each other and share useful tips and ideas for homeschooling. Provide mentoring to incoming homeschooled parents. Gain access to live classes for your students. 


Exclusive Resources and Deals

Gain access to a library of co-op only resources constantly being added to and updated by members of the homeschool community. Have something to contribute? Add it to our co-op library.

Requirements and Qualifications

Age Requirements

Only students over 13 can use our main portal, as it allows for chatting and interacting with others who are parents and students. To follow COPPA regulations, we have created a secure and secondary platform for students 13 and under to connect and access classes. 

Homeschool Status Requirements

You must be currently homeschooling or anticipating doing so soon. We are not responsible for any legal requirements you need to handle on your part with regard to homeschooling in your state. If you’d like help with this, please ask a representative. 


You will begin receiving emails from our partners and our mailing list, and co-op instructors will also have access to your email and provide announcements and such. On the children’s platform, this will not be the case. 


You must log on at least once per week and answer any messages or emails sent to you by our team within 2 weeks or you may be seen as inactive and removed from the community. We are not just about numbers, we want an active and highly functioning community of homeschoolers.

13+ Only for Main Portal

Kids under 13 have their own portal found here. We do this to maintain our promise to keep student data as safe as possible on our platforms.

Current Homeschooler

Must be currently homeschooling or have an interest in homeschooling. Current and up-in-coming homeschoolers can apply!



You must log on once per week in order to avoid being deactivated. Raffles and contests will also go out to active members. You will be added to our mailing list and expect frequent emails regarding CAO and class times.


All content and classes can be adapted to serve high school students as long as the professor is in agreement.


Seasonal classes on grammar and creative writing will be offered alongside a book club for students.


Math guidance and courses alongside science classes offered at various times throughout the year. Life science and K-8 math are typically standard.


Our history and art classes are intertwined. We take an interdisciplinary approach to history, where all the sciences and arts are weaved in with our General History class, where both world geography, world history, and American history are taught side by side for K-8.

STEAM and Computer Science

STEAM clubs and coding clubs are being offered throughout the year. Student leaders will teach classes in alignment with their interests, and students can learn and discuss these topics in a group setting every weekend. 

Are my children safe in these group classes?

We do our best to create a fun and safe learning environment for each student. We regulate age groups, create rules for interaction, background check our adult instructors, and train our instructors and club leaders on conduct and best teaching practices. Our state-of-the-art virtual classroom and classroom controls allow for a safer virtual learning environment. All chat spaces are moderated.

How do I access classes?

The parent/13+ portal is the main hub for the co-op. This is the place you will be given access to once your application is approved. All live classes, times, links, and schedules will be posted within that platform. For students under 13, our beta kids platform allows students of approved parents/families to access classes and connect with students safely.

Are these classes religious based?

While each teacher/instructor may have their own personal religious beliefs, we do not endorse any specific religion in our classes or promote any one type of religious philosophy as a whole. Instead, our classes are biblically inspired, meaning they teach ethics and principles for conduct and philosophy aligned with biblical principles, but families of any religion or background can agree that kindness, justice, and fact-seeking are important morals to have.

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Co-op Values

Integrity: The students and parents in our co-op are expected to uphold integrity by acting and reacting in a respectful manner, respecting the opinions and beliefs of others, having good and healthy dialog in our discussions and in interactions with peers. 

Good Citizenship: In our co-op, we instill the value of Good Citizenship by providing students and parents with opportunities to serve the community, respect elders, practice servant-leadership skills, and advocate for justice to improve society as a whole. 

Respect: Be grateful, encouraging, diligent, and humble. Know when to speak up for yourself and when to listen. Respect nature, respect the belief of others that differ from your own and respect the rules of conduct of CAO and our co-op. 

Hebraic Ethicism: What does this mean? At our core, Hebraic Ethicism simply means that our families honor and embrace the Hebraic principles of wisdom, courage, knowledge, environmentalism, and analysis of factual evidence. We advocate for justice, peace, and love in our communities. We allow ourselves space to seek out the truth on an individual level. These ideals can be embraced regardless of a family’s background.