About us

We know that there are a lot of other curriculum options out there, but none of them have been developed out of the genuine love and respect for homeschooling that CAO has. Plus, as a nonprofit start-up, we take our mission seriously. We are on a mission to simplify homeschooling without becoming a full-on private school. We want our curriculum to fit how parents teach, not how we want you to teach.

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Our vision

We believe that online education is a flexible benefit to all children, but especially to homeschooled children. Since homeschooled children depend on their family’s monetary income to have the materials they need, some children don’t have access to the materials that other, more privileged homeschooled and privates schooled students have. At Canary Academy, we believe in a flexible, affordable, manageable, and technology-based education that centers around the child and their parents. Nothing more. Nothing less. We have partnered with dozens of well-known resource providers to give your students the most engaging experience in the history of homeschooling.

The wonderful thing about this curriculum structure is that it is based around flexibility; there is no rush to finish, no pre-set deadlines to deal with, and the subjects that your students learn are chosen by the you (the parent) at the beginning. However, this does not mean we leave you on your own: parent-teacher conferences are held every quarter, records and transcripts are handled by us, and portfolio making is our specialty. Plus, we offer free consultations to parents who aren’t quite sure where to start. It’s the perfect balance for busy parents and innovative students who need the materials that the public schools offer without the large cost. We understand that AP classes, dual enrollment, and SOL testing is expensive and time-consuming, so we have simplified it by giving it to you in all one place for an affordable price. That’s just how we roll here at Canary Academy!

Our mission

We see a world where biblically-inspired online education becomes the norm, and books become the resource to the class and not the course itself. Canary Academy believes in the parent’s right to educate their children in their fashion in accordance with state laws. We see our platform as a way to bring e-learning to homeschoolers, by providing the benefits of inexpensive and flexible learning, facilitated support, online connections, custom courses, and interactive lessons and mastery systems. Thank you for believing in our vision.

Let’s build something together.