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What is the Canary Way?

The Canary Way is our education philosophy, and it influences everything we do within CAO. It is inspired by biblical principles and the latest in educational pedagogy.

The Basics of the Canary Way

We believe that education is important because it allows students to think critically about the world around them and learn to solve problems. Education builds the world’s next generation of change-makers.

We believe that the role of the educator is to facilitate learning and make it engaging and fun for students, regardless of how they learn. Educators are to guide students along as they learn more about the world, without micromanaging or “helicopter teaching.”

We believe that students learn best when they are allowed the freedom to choose how and why they learn in the first place, and when they are provided with outlets to focus on their passions and improve upon their weaknesses.

We believe that an effective educator’s qualities include being/having:

  • an effective communicator
  • punctual
  • soft skills and social skills that can be considered emulatable by students
  • community-oriented
  • brave
  • firm but kind
  • engaging
  • loves learning
  • optimistic
  • ethical


Our Standards


We believe that all students can learn and that every student needs to find their own learning path. A good teacher certainly believes that each student can learn, but there is no one-size-fits-all learning style. Learning should be tailored to each student as much as possible. Educators owe their students passion, drive, determination, and an example of success.

Purpose of Eduation

The overall goal of educating students should be to serve as guides for them as they seek out their own paths in life and to provide a learning environment that fosters learning. All students should feel welcome and respected and remember their education with fondness.

Latest Pedagogy

Education is always changing and growing, but one thing should remain the same: the Canary Way advocates for engaging and memorable learning experiences for all students.

How Do We Make Sure Everything Aligns?

Inspired by biblical values, the eclectic homeschool method, the unit studies methodology, and our own experiences, we’ve created these standards for the Canary Way.

Fun and Engaging

Does your program involve games, books, videos, and online resources?

The Canary Way advocates for engaging and wholesome content, so we help you find and integrate gamification and online resources into your educational program.

Student-Oriented Learning

Is the focus of your program the students, and not simply the topics you want them to learn?

The Canary Way advocates for student-oriented learning. Student-led lessons and flexible unit studies make up the most of our curriculum and our teaching style. We show parents how to do the same in their lessons and activities.

Nurtured Love of Learning

Is the goal of your program to engage learners and nurture a love of learning?

The Canary Way advocates for educators to make learning fun and memorable for students, nurturing a love of learning early on.

High Parental Involvement

Will your program involve parents or guardians and help students pursue their passions?

The Canary Way advocates for parents to take the lead role in planning, teaching, and facilitating instruction. We serve as guides along the way, providing support without becoming a substitute for parent-facilitated instruction.

Create Your Own Style

Following the Canary Way, we guide you along in the process of creating a custom/personalized homeschool plan or curriculum for your students. Ready to get started?