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Careers at Canary Academy Online

Join our team at CAO to be a part of a mission to help homeschoolers across the nation have more affordable and equitable access to the resources and supports they need to thrive!

Gain experience working in a start-up-like environment and collaborative remote team setting while impacting the world through your work!

Jobs and Positions


We believe that all students can learn and that every student needs to find their own learning path. A good teacher certainly believes that each student can learn, but there is no one-size-fits-all learning style. Learning should be tailored to each student as much as possible. Educators owe their students passion, drive, determination, and an example of success.

Base Pay: $15-$25/hr

Tutors and Coaches

The overall goal of educating students should be to serve as guides for them as they seek out their own paths in life and to provide a learning environment that fosters learning. All students should feel welcome and respected and remember their education with fondness. Tutors help us provide 1-on-1 assistance to students, while coaches help us provide advice to students, parents, and organizations looking to implement the Canary Way.

Tutor Base Pay: $15-$25/hr

Coach Base Pay: $50-$75/hr

Administrative Team 

Education is always changing and growing, but one thing should remain the same: the Canary Way advocates for engaging and memorable learning experiences for all students. Our general team provides the back-end and administrative support needed to propel our mission forward. 

Base Pay: $13.50-$15/hr 

Stipended Pay: $500-$1,500/month


We see our team as family! We provide enrichment, continuing education, and constant opportunities to further learning and expand their careers. 

Scholarships and College Credit

We have partnered with an online college to provide low-cost college credit to employees and student leaders. 

In addition, high school students working with us can enter to win scholarships towards free college courses. 

Bonuses and Gift Cards

Staff are often offered bonuses and gift cards for their top-notch work. 

From Amazon credit to extra funding in your paycheck, staff and employees are awarded for their work every few months and constantly have opportunities to earn extra funds for high performance.

Nurturing Collaborative Setting

Our team works in a gamified, remote, collaborative setting centered in fun, effectiveness, and teamwork!

We love learning from each other. Every person has knowledge and experiences to offer. Our pool of knowledge grows with every staff member, and we encourage collaboration to enhance this experience. 

Remote-First, Self-Paced Work Environment

Our team works in a gamified, remote, collaborative setting centered in fun, effectiveness, and teamwork!

Our digital workplace provides opportunities for fun, engaging, and self-paced workloads that fit your daily schedule. 

 Open Positions:

Teacher Positions:

– General Elementary Teacher

– High School Maths Teacher (Geometry and Pre-Algebra)

– Preschool Day Teacher/Reading Instruction K-4

Tutor Positions:

– Science of Reading Tutor K-8

– High School Maths Tutor (Geometry and Pre-Algebra)

– General Middle School Tutor

Administrative Staff Positions:

– Administrative Assistant

– Paid Executive Leadership Internship 

– Director of Educational Excellence