Custom Digital Courses by Canary Academy Online Inc.

The Best of Digital Learning

Online learning is our specialty. Not only do we create curriuclum for our online academy, but we sell a la carte classes for your family customized to fit your unique preferences and needs. From science to social studies, we cover every subject for every student every time!

Our Course Build Dates

(When custom courses can be completed by)



Start Request by May 30th



Start Request by June 20th



Request by December 20th

How it works…

  • Contact us with your unique needs and budget
  • We develop a written plan of action and course layout
  • You approve and/or edit the written plan
  • You decide on the format (book-based, fully digital, or mixed)
  • We create the custom course
  • Your student starts their course by agreed upon start date
  • You homeschool easy knowing your student is maintaining deadlines, moving at their own pace, and learning based on their unique needs and interests

My experience with CAO has been a blessing. I’ve had the opportunity to work with them in preparing the school curriculum for my children. CAO has gone above and beyond by researching and locating the educational tools I needed that would enable my children to have an engaging, fun-filled, interactive school year. CAO was truly a big help to me and my family.

– RHakhai


Time to get started with building your child’s future!