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Enrolling in our online academy provides academic support, personalized curriculum, and community support for students K-8. We also offer dual enrollment and course options for 9-12 (starting in the fall of the 2021-2022 school year).


Admissions is quick and easy, and there is no upfront application fee. We only charge you an application fee if your student gets accepted into our program.

Student Portal and Benefits

Every student will have a student portal and dashboard, and parents will get complimentary access to a silver membership once a student has enrolled. 

Accredited Options

We have accredited course options from Liberty University Online Academy and other vendors. 


Frequently Asked

Is this program accredited?

At the moment, our program is a mixture of accredited classes and non-accredited books and courses (made in-house and by approved vendors). We plan on releasing our accredited program (powered by Pearson) in the coming months. Your enrollment helps us speed up the process. 

Why is your program different?

We abide by the Canary Way, which is a framework and methodology that provides parents and students with a foundation in fun, engaging, and rigorous online learning without the Zoom fatigue, screen-time nightmares, and endless internet searches. This is one of the first online homeschool academies to be built and run by a former homeschooled student for homeschooled students from a student perspective. 

How much does tuition cost?

Tuition expenses are based on family income, number of courses, and other factors. You can enroll in our academy and still teach most of the classes yourself (cheapest tuition) or have teachers on the other end doing the grading and instructing (accredited course load). Either way, we develop a custom tuition plan to suit your needs. 

What does the program entail? How is it different from your membership program?

Memberships help us continue helping families who cannot afford to homeschool or need assistance with homeschooling. Memberships do not provide academic support, full course loads, and a personalized learning plan for K-12. Enrolling in our academy helps us better develop our curriculum and provide more families with the opportunity to pay via payment plans. It includes academic support, full course loads, and a personalized learning plan for K-12.

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