How We Began?

Nasiyah Isra-Ul, our founder and President, had a problem. After her full-time homeschool mom had taken on a full-time job to help support the family, Nasiyah began to help homeschool her younger brother as a help. This is when she realized that homeschooling was harder than it looked.

Why wasn’t there one place where homeschoolers could go to get the best content, instructional materials, customizable courses, and advice without scouring the internet for hours? Nasiyah worked on the solution for 3 years, and then more families started to catch on.

She decided to make the idea into a nonprofit so that her work would give back to the community that raised her. In 2020, she won a business competition and was granted $10,000 to kickstart her nonprofit idea. She recognizes the important role everyday homeschool families play in education. She lived it. Now, she wants you to help her make that vision a reality.