Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of Canary Academy Online Inc. provides you with numerous benefits. It also helps us continue our mission of making homeschooling more accessible within lower-income and minority communities. Your membership with CAO helps us continue to improve the quality of our low-cost homeschool curriculum and develop more programs and services as we grow. As a 501c3 nonprofit, all your membership contributions are tax-deductible!

Your contribution via our membership program helps us continue these initiatives.

Connecting Low-Income Families With the Support They Need To Homeschool

Continuing to develop partnerships that will create more spaces with internet, laptops, and homeschool “freebie” resources. Expanding into more communities with our services and creating local chapters to inspire the next generation with hands-on clubs and local events.

Representation Matters in Homeschooling

Helping to redefine the narrative of homeschooling, showcasing the diversity within the homeschool community in the US and abroad, and providing access to more diverse curriculum and homeschool representation. Hosting podcasts, crafting articles, developing community events, and advocating for homeschool-friendly change and increased awareness across the US. 

Supporting low-income and minority homeschool families and telling their stories. 


Affordable Schooling

For families who want to homeschool but need more support and teaching assistance, we are launching a tuition-based “umbrella school” program so parents can receive a custom course package yearly for their student(s). We want to grow this program and allow for more curriculum development. We also want to make payment plans available. 

Community Advocacy and Mentorship

We want to help homeschool students excel academically as well as career-wise. We provide internships and volunteer experience for students, as well as pre-college advising, mentorship, and events for them. We advocate for homeschooling in various communities across the US, and support families with nurturing support at every stage of their journey. We plan to grow this initiative to support more families and include more mentors and advocates. 

Universal Member Benefits

Regardless of the level of membership you purchase, you receive all of these discounts!

Member Discounts

From toys to math books, members receive discounts from numerous vendors, including Bevy and Dave, Learn Math Fast, and HSLDA membership (as a part of complimentary access to our co-op).

Growing Resource Library

From videos on best practices to activity sheets and lesson plan ideas for all ages, our constantly growing member resource library has what you need to get started homeschooling. Members also receive complimentary access to our homeschool guidebook, which normally costs $10.00.

VIP Access to Events and Publications

We host webinars and community events all year-round, and we want you to have first-dibs on every one. You will receive discounts on event admission, as well as complimentary access to replays for every event! When we or our partners publish new handbooks, guidebooks, and learning materials, you may have the option to receive them for free before public release! Provide feedback, and you get rewarded. 

Member Discounts

Bevy and Dave

Members receive 35% off!


Members receive 10% off!

Young Gates

Need coding classes? Members receive 20% off!


Members receive 15% off ScholarshipOwl memberships, helping students find and apply for scholarships.

Learn Math Fast

Members receive between 10% and 20% off all LMF resources and books.


Members receive up to 50% off of iDialogue’s virtual student exchange program!

CashBack Connections

We a custom members-only cash back shopping portal, members receive discounts and cash back on purchases from major retailers as well as local stores. 

Liberty University Online Academy

As an affiliate school, CAO members receive higher discounts when they purchase the courses through us. Up to 9%!


Note: This does not mean LUOA endorses or is partners with CAO.

CAO Courses and Materials

Of course, members receive the custom courses and our instructional materials for free or at a lower rate, depending on the product. Members receive complimentary access to events, resources, new products, and one CMCS (Curriculum Mapper Consultation Service) session. 

HSLDA Membership

Since members are also members of our co-op free-of-charge, you get access to a large discount off of HSLDA membership with our code. 



Note: This does not mean HSLDA endorses or is partners with CAO.

More coming soon!

Even more perks are in motion. We are constantly adding discounts, so stay tuned and join early!

Your membership helps students around the US receive a better education.

We will donate portions of our proceeds to other homeschool and community organizations, and the rest goes back into promoting and further developing our mission. Every membership is helping a student or family within the US continue to homeschool and have access to an affordable, wholesome, and equitable homeschool education.

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