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Have you ever scoured the internet for hours trying to find a good program to enroll your kids in? Or, have you struggled to find a business that can give you an unbiased run-down of all your options without trying to sell you their program? Well, your are not the only one! We’ve had these issues too, and that’s why we created the one and only CAO Curricula Mapper, a special and free* program that allows you to get the curricula recommendations and programs you need without the salesman feel.

We know, homeschooling can get complicated sometimes without the right tools. That’s why, instead of trying to make our programs one-size-fit all, we help you get down into the problem, address it, and the give you the tools to fix it.

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Take Beverly, for example. She struggles with math and science, but she excels in history and English. She loves filmmaking, but she struggles to find courses that can help her within her family’s price range. Her parents have been through five different programs and curricula options, and none of them worked on their own for Beverly. So, they come to us. We ask them a series of questions and we do the same with Beverly. After our advisor(s) refers to our database, within 48-72 hours, we email Beverly’s parents a password protected link to their daughter’s custom plan. This custom plan includes the group Beverly fell into within our database (helping us pinpoint her struggles), the custom course(s) she needs from us to help her improve, and the courses, books, and resources that can help Beverly stay challenged in her core subjects and pursue her interest in filmmaking.

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Every consultation is personalized, and because we give you a personalized curriculum suggestion, you aren’t being forced to buy from us. We may recommend you use Abeka programs for one subject or Khan Academy for another, which helps parents/guardians feel heard and helped when they consult with us. There is no one-way to school a child, and we know this too well. This is why the CAO Curricula Mapper works the way it does!

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