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Even if you are not a member of CAO, that’s okay. We still offer a service for every family. We have a homeschool group that is completely free for you to join, with or without a membership to CAO. We’ve worked with HSLDA to have our co-op listed as a Discount Group, so whoever joins our homeschool group will get a discount on HSLDA membership as well!

We are also planning on partnering with NSHSS to offer membership to all high school students whose parents sign up for our group. You’ll get an invitation to join the homeschool community if you register above.

How can HSLDA help me? Join today!

Sign up for the homeschool group waiting list below:

    Attention Parents and Teens!
    We are looking for moderators and leaders for the CAO + GenJ Civics Club and Co-op groups.

    Apply below to become a moderator or club leader for our homeschool co-op and our co-op clubs. Don’t miss out on this amazing leadership opportunity!