Our Free Co-op!

Even if you are not a paid member of CAO, that’s okay. We still offer a service for every family. In fact, we have a homeschool group that is completely free for you to join, with or without a membership to CAO. We’ve worked with HSLDA to have our co-op listed as a Discount Group, so whoever joins our homeschool group will get a discount on HSLDA membership as well! Our co-op extends past K-8, and provides mentoring, college admissions assistance, and more for high school students as well. 


Co-op Benefits

Programs for Students

Coming in the Fall 2021, students will not only get resources via their parents, they will also get their very own clubs to join and leadership positions to participate in! Come listen to guest speakers teach co-op sessions and learn from other students via a moderated Slack platform. (For students 13+ only).

Programs for Parents

Network with other parents and share the homeschool journey with them. Learn from each other and share useful tips and ideas for homeschooling. Provide mentoring to incoming homeschooled parents. 

Exclusive Resources and Deals

Gain access to a library of co-op only resources constantly being added to and updated by members of the homeschool community. Have something to contribute? Add it to our co-op library.


Co-op Benefits Coming Soon!

Business  Courses

Learn from entrepreneurs who also balanced school and running a business. 

Academic Assistance

Get academic help from homeschool grads and homeschool students (grades 10+).

Language Tutoring

Want to connect with a language tutor or attend a language co-op session? We have you covered! (Coming Fall 2021).

Honor Society Chapters

We are planning on partnering with NSHSS to offer membership to all high school students whose parents sign up for our group.

There is a premium level membership which provides you with access to more benefits (starting in Fall 2021). With this monthly membership, you will be provided with a tutor for a set number of hours per week, weekly parent training sessions, bi-weekly exclusive student classes, and instructional materials for at-home use. The price of this monthly premium co-op membership is 29.99 per month. We can work with families who need discounts (including military families).




Over 13

Currently co-op members must be over 13 to have their own account.


Have interest in homeschooling

Current and up-in-coming homeschoolers can apply!


Have interest in being added to our mailing list

To keep you in the loop, by applying, you are granting us permission to contact you via email about CAO and our co-op news. 


Log on and Participate Once Per Week

Being a part of a co-op is a commitment, so please make sure you are participating and contributing to our growing community.

Co-op Values

Be grateful, encouraging, diligent, and humble. Know when to speak up for yourself and when to listen. Respect nature, respect the belief of others that differ from your own and respect the rules of conduct of CAO and our co-op. 

The students and parents in our co-op are expected to uphold integrity by acting and reacting in a respectful manner, respecting the opinions and beliefs of others, having good and healthy dialog in our discussions and in interactions with peers. 

In our co-op, we instill the value of Good Citizenship by providing students and parents with opportunities to serve the community, respect elders, practice servant-leadership skills, and advocate for justice to improve society as a whole. 

What does this mean? At our core, Hebraic Ethicism simply means that our families honor and embrace the Hebraic principles of wisdom, courage, knowledge, environmentalism, and analysis of factual evidence. We advocate for justice, peace, and love in our communities. We allow ourselves space to seek out the truth on an individual level. These ideals can be embraced regardless of a family’s background.