Our Growing Guide to Homeschooling the Canary Way!

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Why should I homeschool? Where do I start?

Homeschool is easy once you have the right tools. Homeschooling is a process in which you take your child’s education into your own hands and use the world around you to educate your child. The child is the center of the educational style, not test scores, and homeschooling should make students feel curious and inspired to learn more. Homeschooling is great for students struggling in school or those who excel so much that they exceed what public school can provide. Homeschooling is also an affordable option compared to private school tuition. 

When you homeschool, you have to first get acquainted with your state’s specific regulations. Some states are more strict than others. 

1.) Get acquainted with your state’s homeschool policies and regulations

2.) Get advice from seasoned homeschoolers (that includes us!)

3.) Decide which style of homeschooling best aligns with your family

Please note that homeschooling does not and should not follow the public school rhythm. Homeschooling is an alternative to public schooling, not a substitute. Find your own groove, take breaks, encourage your students to pursue their passions, and watch them grow like sunflowers (or, in this case, Canaries).

Homeschooling styles?

Did you know that there are different types of homeschool styles?

Yeah, I guess homeschooling is more in-depth than simply reading books at home, huh? Seriously, though. Homeschooling, like any other form of education, has different styles that serve different purposes. Each style was developed with a certain child in mind, so every student can learn the way they were made to.

Check out different learning styles in this resource included in this column. As a brief rundown, CAO uses the eclectic homeschooling style, which embraces bits from unschooling, Charlotte Mason, and other styles to create the perfect learning environment for every student. 

Homeschooling Through Various Grades

As we always say, homeschooling is easy with the right tools. Let’s look at some ways you can homeschool regardless of your child’s age.


Homeschooling elementary students is easy! You simply have to captivate them, instill the love of learning in them, and help them find their own groove. Start them off young understanding the concept of finding their purpose, passion, and why learning is important. Unit studies are crucial!


Honestly, homeschooling older elementary students is more analytical and less hands-on. They have to transition into more paper-based work, textbooks/workbooks, and projects, but don’t think that they have to miss out on the fun! Unit studies are still great, especially as supplements to your already existing curriculum. Field trips, digital projects, and oral reports also help your student continue to love learning. Follow their learning flow, not a book’s. 


Same as with older elementary students, middle schoolers need guidance and encouragement as they flesh out a path for themselves and their future. It is important to give them space to “test the waters” without your influence. Their learning is not to please you as the parent, it is to help them be successful in the future. Be sure to convey that. Make sure their work is engaging, or you’ll have a lack-luster learner with horrible study and time-management habits by the time they reach high school. 

High School:

High school is a little more complicated, but let’s just say accredited vs non-accredited, online courses vs book-based learning, and dual enrollment are terms you’ll have to get used to.

Project and Curriculum Ideas


Black History Unit Studies

Black history shouldn’t just be studied in February. Let’s look at some cool ideas for studying Black history all year round!

Parent tips

Dual Enrollment and Online Courses

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Homeschool Resources Bulletin Board.

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