Partner and Affiliate Offered Courses and Curricula


With some organizations, we are affiliate schools. With others, we are full-on partners. Either way, you can be sure that you are getting quality, CAO verified courses for use with your students.

*Please note that this listing of LUOA does not in any way state that CAO is in anyway “partnered” with or “endorsed” by this organization. LUOA simply works with CAO to provide courses and instructional materials for our students and families, and is not in anyway associated with us beyond that. We are considered an affiliate school of LUOA, nothing more and nothing less. Our listing is simply to let parents know that we offer courses from LUOA on our academy site and that LUOA has graciously allowed us to do so. Any other orgs listed under this section of “affiliates” are simply providing us with info or services, and have not entered a binding partnership agreement with us in any shape or form. 


We are officially a LUOA affiliate school, meaning that we can offer access to all LUOA courses from K-12 and dual enrollment at a discount to our members and customers! All courses offered by LUOA are of access to you through us with a $100 application and admissions fee.

We now have partnered with Learn Math Fast to offer our members and subscribers 10-20% off of all their math curricula.

Contact us below to order courses/receive a discount code or find out more info! Or, apply in our online application in our menu bar!

Non-members use code CAO10 of for 10% off. Members get a special code in their member dashboard for an even higher discount!

Membership to CAO provides access to even more features at a discounted price!

Partner/Affiliate Courses Offered

Partner/Affiliate Discounts

Member-Only Discounts

Need Online Courses with Live Teachers?

LUOA offers classes with online teachers and we offer them to you at discount. From grading to scheduling, LUOA has you covered, even if you need a la carte class options to supplement already existing curricula. 

Want access to more? Inquire about membership and more course discounts available that are not able to be mentioned here.

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