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Our Inspiration

We are a biblically-inspired organization, meaning that we extract ethical principles and community standards from the biblical text without pushing a specific religion. Our standards are to be upheld by all of our CAO family, including partners and members. We support and advocate for the development of wholesome, ethical, and engaging content for students and parents alike.

Our Partnerships

Partnerships allow us to build our brand while networking and connecting with others who share our passion for homeschool education. From opportunities to develop video content for our library to providing your product discounts to our members, there are numerous ways to partner. In exchange, CAO provides partners with free marketing, support, advice, and first-dibs on events and sponsorship opportunities.

Get A Listing In Our CMCS Database

When families come to us to help them find the perfect program for their students, we can refer them to you if you’re the right fit.

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Help Us Build Courses

Partners can provide content and resources/funding to create a course/courses that are mutually beneficial and great for advertising.

Test The Homeschool Market

Are you a corporate company trying to reach new heights in the homeschool sector but don’t know where to start? Partner with us!

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Provide Content For Our Resource Center

Have resources, curricula, blog posts, articles, or worksheet/educational materials you want to offer to homeschool families? Partner with us as a content provider!

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Partners get access to loads of custom marketing and mutually beneficial packages. 

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