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Annual: Gold (Private School Tier) Pricing is TBA

Gold (Private School Tuition Level for K-8) Membership Package Includes:

  • Customized plan for all four-six subjects (K-8)
  • Full curriculum package provided for every subject from a number of our vendors.
  • Tutoring discount
  • Live classes
  • Honorary premium tier co-op included
  • Includes personalized courses from CAO (starting in Fall 2021).
  • Record-keeping assistance (report cards, PTAs, etc.)

Including all items from the Bronze & Silver Membership Packages

  • Free Premium CMCS (1)
  • Access to member-exclusive discounts
  • Online member-only community
  • Exclusive video library
  • Discounts on resources library and webinars
  • Higher discounts on online courses
  • Access to one custom CAO course (after Fall 2021)
  • CAO Homeschool Kit


*9-12 tuition package is available starting in Fall 2022.