Project Gibbor

A homeschool K-12 volunteer project serving heroes in our local communities through art projects and local appreciation events. 

One of our main pillars is Hebraic Ethicism: the idea that anyone can embody the biblically and culturally inspired beliefs of love, community service, community justice, and the repairing of the world through good deeds. 

The word “gibbor” means a “mighty person,” “hero,” or “warrior” in Hebrew and that’s exactly how we describe our essential workers. Project Gibbor intends to embrace community advocacy and involvement by activating youth to visit local heroes, tour locations where they work, and say “thank you” by creating cards, art pieces, and bringing lunches for the local heroes. 

How this got started?

2 years ago, Hadarah B. wanted to send thank-you cards to some fire fighters in her community. She had seen how hard they worked, but she also saw that oftentimes, they went unthanked or unnoticed in the community. She knew that simple and random acts of kindness could uplift and inspire our local heroes, especially during global pandemics, when the pressure is on. So, Hadarah decided to start her project. It caught on. 

When our CEO heard about the idea, she was deeply inspired. “What if we could bring this to homeschool kids across the US? It could be a volunteer project for our co-op!” she exclaimed. Hadarah agreed, and together they set off to create Canary Academy Online Inc.’s first student volunteer initiative for every homeschooled student who wants to join and make a difference in the lives of our local heroes. 

Our Missions for 2022-2023


Project 1

We are creating hand-drawn cards with special notes in them to deliver to heroes throughout the US. We provide templates so everyone can participate. 

Project 2

We are planning tours to local stations, hospitals, and other places essential workers work to learn more about their efforts to keep our communities safe and healthy and bring complimentary lunches and gifts along with us.

Mission Phases

Phase 1

First, we plan to do Projects 1 and 2 with fire stations across the US. Celebrating the fire fighters who help keep us safe everyday. 

Phase 2

Next, we plan to do Projects 1 and 2 with police stations across the US. Celebrating the police officers who help keep us protected everyday. 

Phase 3

Lastly, we plan to do Projects 1 and 2 with hospitals across the US. Celebrating the nurses and doctors who help keep us healthy everyday. 

Want to lead a Project Gibbor chapter in your community?

We fund up to $150 to start a chapter and carry our Phase 1 with both projects (while funding lasts)!

This funding can be used to purchase gifts, lunches, and more for the heroes in your community during your tour and craft supplies for your cards.

Arrange local meetings to plan projects

We provide templates for the 2 projects, but you can be in charge of meeting with team members, assigning tasks, and developing partnerships with local businesses to make Project Gibbor [insert city here] even more awesome. 

Monthly meeting with Project Gibbor leadership

You will have monthly meetings with our coordinators and team leads to ask questions, make suggestions, and show your chapter’s progress.