CAO Introduces Project STEAM L.E.AP!

We want to get kids excited about science. Not simply because it is a fun and innovative way to solve problems, or because its a trend in the 21st century, but because it will equip students with the power and skills needed to change the world!

We are bringing the science lab to you with STEAM L.E.A.P, the newest education equity-inspired program built to help students get excited about STEAM education. 

Official Launch Video Celebrating 2022, October Pilot Launch!

Our Program Objectives (spells L.E.A.P.!)


Bridge the gap in STEAM education access by providing homeschooling families from all backgrounds with affordable access to science projects, science materials, science curriculum, and live coding classes.


Provide parents and students with the tools and resources they need to learn/teach STEAM education at home at little to no cost.


Help STEAM-inspired teens obtain mentoring and fellowships/scholarships to pursue their careers. Every student should be able to aspire to greatness, and STEAM education provides an outlet to explore and grow.


Host a virtual science fair, robotics competition, and coding camps to prepare students for future careers and opportunities.

Our Program Benefits

For Parents

A fellowship and professional learning program made uniquely for home-educators. Pays up to $500 to attend and we are currently accepting up to 3 paid fellows. Workshops focusing on further developing STEAM-based curriculum for your K-12 students. 

For Students:

  • Coding camps (virtual)
  • STEAM clubs (virtual)
  • Career and Technical Education Workshops (virtual)
  • Music and Art classes (virtual)

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Program Features

Coding Club

Class fee is $25 per student per week (classes last up to 8 weeks)

(Organized in grade groups of K-5, 6-8, and 9-12)


– Java (Fall 2022)

– Python (Spring 2023)

– Scratch (Fall 2022)

– HTML (Spring 2023)


Professional Learning for Parents

Access is FREE!!!

Meetups and professional learning happens inside our virtual learning community. Click the button below to learn how you can gain access!

Virtual STEAM Clubs and Group Classes

Basic access is free!

You are provided an option to access recordings and other exclusive content for as low as $8/month!

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