Student and Consultative Services

Need a mentor, homeschooling consultations, or college-prep advice? Sure, we’ve got you covered! Our mentors, consultants, and college advisors provide you with the background and tools you need to succeed in both academically and career-wise. 


Mentoring for high school or college students


Consultants for homeschooling or career questions for parents


Assistance when you need it, all virtual


Verified and thoroughly vetted professionals and mentors


Top-level assistance and personalized advice

We are available whenever you need us!

From college prep advice to recording-keeping tips, we’ve got the info and resources you need to succeed. 

High School/College Mentoring

Need help with essays, college prep, or high school advice?

Parental Training and Consulting

Need assistance with record-keeping, course descriptions, portfolios, etc.?


Course Planning

Need assistance mapping out your curriculum without a full-fledged school’s assistance?

Everything Homeschool

We can tailor our mentoring and consulting services to fit your needs!

Need a custom course outline?

Our homeschool experts know how to develop homeschool courses that your kids will love and you will enjoy teaching. Pre-packaged curriculum only goes so far, why not personalize a course from the ground up?


Custom course plan


Fully Developed Course outline


Course budgeting


Student Interest-based learning

Our major services

Pricing varies based on a variety of selections, but our overall pricing should give you a generalized overview of what to expect.


High school/College Mentoring

Includes a virtual mentor, two essay reviews, and lot’s of resources and support to provide you with information and plans for the future.

$10 per month + mentor specific fee ($10-$199 per hour)


Homeschool/Career Consulting

Includes 1 hour consultation on any homeschooling topic selected and two custom-made resources.

starting at $199 per session


Course Planning

Includes one custom and personalized homeschool course plan (K-12) and complimentary CMCS feature.

$299 per course planned


Fast, Convenient, Safe

Our thoroughly vetted and and screened mentors and consultants have deep knowledge of the subject-area and love helping folks like you succeed.

Personalized and Custom

From personalized resources to custom-made course plans/outlines, you get exactly what you need when you need it!

A Team Who Cares

Our organization was developed and founded by homeschool teens and parents out of a genuine love of homeschooling. Every purchase helps us continue our mission to make homeschooling more equitable for more families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this mentoring program for teens and parents?

Yes! This mentoring program can address the needs of teens (college assistance, essay reviews, etc.) as well as the parent (homeschool help and mom-to-mom mentoring). We cater every mentor match-up with your unique needs. 

Who can become a mentor?

Anyone with lived experience has a story to share that can help someone else. We vet and train our mentors to ensure top-quality advice is being provided in a wholesome manner. Teens and adults, parents and former public school teachers, business owners, etc. can all apply to share their knowledge. 

Why is this program different from what other consultant agencies offer?

Our program was built to help others share their lived experience and advice in a one-on-one environment and to provide homeschooled teens with supportive services not typically made available by the surrounding districts. It is our desire to create a thriving community where students and parents alike can trade knowledge and change the world. From professional development to essay reviews and assistance with college admissions, our mentoring program is working to provide homeschoolers with the same resources typically reserved for public school educators and students. 

How do you match me with a mentor?

Using our compiled database of names and categories, we can match you with another member of our online community or mentor database within a week. Mentors are assigned based on their experience, your need, and relative compatibility. 

Where are sessions held?

Sessions are held in a virtual meeting/conference room via a platform called GoBrunch. The link will be provided after your mentor is assigned and you’ve been connected/agree on a time to meet initially. Each mentor has their own unique and private link. If you’d rather get mentored through chat, we have a Slack space for mentoring. You and your mentor would be added to a private Slack chat room monitored by a staff member from CAO. You can message and set up private calls from there as well. 

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