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Come one, come all! Stop by our constantly updated bookstore! We’ve got top rated books for all our classes, recommendations, and co-op courses right here. Please note we are still constructing this store, so it is not complete. But hey, we wanted you to get a taste of what we’ve been up to lately.

Highlights of the month!

This month, we highlight the work of Vashti Harrison. Her series on the unsung heroes of the BIPOC community for children should be on every homeschool bookshelf. 

Top study books for kids


Top recommended books for every subject!

We can’t list every grade for each book series, so we decided to highlight the books and recommend good places to start. Use the link to purchase the book, but also look into the series to purchase more of what you need. 

Top hitters in science are Apologia and Spectrum. 

Math and history books, well, we love almost all of those. We couldn’t narrow it down, but we did out best to list the top ones we could think of. Hey, if you have a recommendation, feel free to drop us a line. It might get featured in the store. 

To be upfront with you, we get a percentage of each sale if you buy through these links. All the proceeds from these purchases go back into advancing our mission. It’s a win win. You get the books you need and we get the funding we need to help you continue your homeschool journey. You might be benefiting from the funds we get as well, if you’re a member (hint, hint).


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