Unit Studies For All: Top unit study ideas from our family to yours!


Black History Unit Study

Unit study topics:

  • Black inventors (i.e. Louis Latimer)
  • Black performers 
  • Black pilots (i.e. Bessie Coleman, Tuskegee Airmen)
  • Black pioneers 
  • Black scientists (i.e. Percy Julian and Earnest Just)

Unit Study Checklist

  • Use your kid’s interests
  • Use hands-on games, toys, and lessons
  • Use interactive notebooks (found here)
  • Make everything fun
  • Include an art project
  • Make it age appropriate 

Partner Unit Study Resources 

Bevy and Dave

Bevy and Dave is a Pre-K-3 resource company for Black history toys. Go to bevyanddave.com for more info. CAO paid members will get a discount. 


TigerKubz is a complete preschool curriculum in a box based on the Charlotte Mason learning style. Go to tigerkubz.com for more. 

Learn Math Fast

Learn Math Fast is an all-in-one math curriculum for all ages. It is great for unit studies because you can take individual lessons from the book and teach multiple students. 

More Under Construction!