Virtual Homeschool Co-op

Welcome to our virtual homeschool group for K-8 students and their parents! From live instruction multiple times weekly to student clubs, this homeschool group has everything you need to excel in your homeschooling endeavors. 

2022-2023 Co-op Join Dates:


  • August 1st – 20th (You’ll gain access to platform by August 21st)
  • October 15th – 30th (You’ll gain access to platform by October 31st)
  • January 10th – 20th (You’ll gain access to platform by January 30th)

Weekly Class Meetups

Throughout the week, our verified teachers and student instructors will lead class meetups and provide room for discussions and activities. 

Homework Support

Our teachers and instructors assign homework and assist with current projects and assignments during open office hours.

Student Clubs and Volunteer Opportunities

Throughout the year, students and parents can lead clubs and engage in volunteer opportunities to support the community.

1.) Sign up

Fill out a brief application so we can get to know you better and understand why you’d like to be a part of this co-op. The brief application simply allows us to confirm whether you are a parent or student, and helps us to determine what programs would be best for you.

2.) Join the community

After filling out the application, you will receive an email with the link to join our co-op. Joining our online community hub, hosted on a platform called LuMa, gives you complete access to the virtual co-op. From here, you can access links to live classes, resources, and a space to connect with other homeschoolers.

Sign in often for a chance to win prizes!

3.) Attend classes and enjoy!

Students can now have their own accounts and log-ins! Parents can also access classes for their students. We will have a place to submit homework and where teacher’s can provide feedback. Be sure to look at the class schedule so you can maximize your membership!

Now Hiring for 2022-2023

Apply to be a teacher!

Stipends between $250 and $1000 depending on experience.

Small class sizes (only 2-10 students per class)

Professional Development and Training

Opportunities for awards and bonuses

Crucial Resume Experience