We are now a verified Certifying Organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award! All volunteers who meet the requirements of this award can participate in our annual award ceremony.



Volunteer Leadership Positions Open:

Job Descriptions 


If you are looking for a work environment that allows students of all races, creeds, and educational backgrounds to apply, then look no further.



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Here at CAO, our mission is to enhance learning among homeschool families by giving equitable educational content and custom curriculum options to all, regardless of socioeconomic status. Example of volunteer experiences range from working with researchers to help develop courses, to working in our contact center, to helping administrators with secretarial tasks. Regardless of how you got your education, we want all students to feel wanted and respected.

VolunteerCrowd Announces Student Verified Volunteer Transcript and  Portfolio to Enhance College Applications

Students who put in enough volunteer hours at CAO will have verified hours through our partnership with VolunteerCrowd (coming soon), and students who want to continue at CAO will have the opportunity to grow as more leadership opportunities open up. To apply, look for us on VolunteerCrowd.com (coming soon) or apply below (right now we verify hours with certificates of participation until we finalize our partnership with VolunteerCrowd).

Hey! We now offer volunteer opportunities through Idealist.org!