I Am Homeschooled.”

Homeschooling has grown from small pockets in communities across the US to a nationally renowned educational model in the last few years.

Now, it's up to all of us to ensure it remains an accessible, innovative, and sustainable option for education in the US and beyond.

As a Gen-Z and youth-led organization, we are dedicated to tackling barriers, expanding access, and building models that encourage individuals to embrace their identities as homeschoolers.

We promote home education

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Homeschooling is Innovative

We, as homeschoolers, are not afraid of making our voices heard and embracing positive change. This includes getting involved in innovation, new funding options, digital curriculum, and technology.

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Student-led Learning is Possible

The Canary Way learning method promotes inquiry and project-based learning that is student-led and facilitated by experienced guides (instructors who may be other students or experienced educators).

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Community Advocacy Means Everything

We elevate the voices of historically underrepresented homeschool communities through videos, educational content, articles, and grassroots advocacy.

Our Main Initiative: EmpowerED

Equity in Home Education Program


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A note from the founder...

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I am so grateful to be a part of this movement to redefine how we think about education. I would have never thought at 15, I would start my journey toward becoming an edupreneur.

Education is beyond four walls or lengthy textbooks. Education inspires the next generation of leaders and change-makers to achieve the impossible. As a homeschool grad, I know first-hand how challenging it can be to homeschool in the midst of legal barriers, policy changes, stigmas, and financial restraints. It is my hope in leading Canary Academy Online Inc. that we can support and empower homeschoolers and homeschool organizations through grassroots advocacy, narrative storytelling, and advancing digital equity and access to online learning. Keep homeschooling your way! Keep being a hero! Thanks for helping make this dream possible!

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Nasiyah Isra-Ul

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Executive director & founder

head mentor and k12 educator

Our values help us build community - together


Stay true to oneself. Recognize the power of one’s voice. Spread contagious courageousness. Be vocal. Empowerment can be guidance, support, help, or a listening ear in the midst of change or challenge.


Be bold. Take Risks. Achieve greatness. Achievement can be defined as learning from a mistake, asking questions, or sharing knowledge to accomplish a goal. Anyone can be a change agent.

Hebraic Ethicism

Universal, yet biblically-inspired, ethical actions such as engaging in social justice, community advocacy, and a bold quest for knowledge guide the paths of all, regardless of political or religious differences. These unite us.

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