The future is bright. The next generation is rising.

Canary Academy Online Inc. is working to level the playing field for homeschooled youth with opportunities for career acceleration, internships, educator certifications in unconventional education, and much more! As a Gen-Z-led org, we want more teens and youth to get involved in social impact and education and eventually even pass down our org to the next generation of youth leaders!

By offering ways for homeschooled youth to expand their networks, obtain valuable career-ready skills, and gain experience in the social impact and education sectors, we are paving the way for the next generation of professionals, leaders, and changemakers.

Not a homeschooler but love our mission? No problem! Our programs are geared towards the homeschool experience (such as flexible work hours, project-based tasks, and live mentorship), but all students between the ages of 14 and 21 are eligible to apply! Let’s build community and empower homeschoolers together!

We provide youth with opportunities to socialize, connect, and sharpen the skills needed to excel in their futures!

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From advocacy, research, and nonprofit leadership to teaching, web development, and educator recruitment, our interns have a wide range of experiences to choose from! We provide in-house training and mentorship for each intern, and ensure that the program is personalized to the student’s specific career journey!*

Stipended options are available as grant funding permits!

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Virtual Volunteering

We provide opportunities for youth from all backgrounds to connect, collaborate, and create life-long friendships while serving the wider homeschool community. We are also a certifying organization for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. Volunteer experiences can vary based on the intended skillsets a student wants to gain, but we’ve had volunteers who were content creators, virtual tutors, and even researchers!

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Young Educators Network

Piloted in 2023, this new program provides leadership and educator training for the next generation of leaders and teachers. The program includes a monthly stipend, 8 weeks of educator training, and over 16 weeks of live teaching experience with mentorship. From lesson planning to classroom management and Ed-Tech strategies, we equip the next generation of educators for the future of education.

2024 Timeline

Our programs follow a specific timeline to ensure we provide the best, most personalized experience for each student.

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May 2024

Applications open for all programs

Online training, distance education, video conference, remote work concept

July 2024

Internship and volunteer training and onboarding begins

Online Virtual Training Conference Webinar

September 2024

Young Educators programming starts

Virtual Training Webinar Conference Online

December 2024

Programs end/pause