Youth are the future.

At Canary Academy Online Inc., our mission is to empower homeschooled parents and students to reach their full potential. In addition to our services supporting parents and families, we also have started running programs dedicated to youth.

Join our teenz club for community support, events, and rewards.

How much does membership cost?

Teens (13-18) can sign up for this club completely for free and receive all the perks. Perks may vary from year to year because this program is run off of grant funding.

What will I get from the program?

From career advice, mentoring, and connections, to clubs, webinars, and prizes, our teenz hub will set you up for success by providing all you need to excel in our modern world completely FOR FREE!

There's gotta be a catch? Is it really free?

Nope, no catch. It is completely free to join and participate. The only requirements to stay a member are to 

– participate in events and webinars

– view recent content and stay engaged

– maintain good and ethical communication and interactions with peers

– provide feedback on our program often via surveys

– agree to read our newsletter (when you sign up, you’re added to our list)


We’ve even partnered with Grow with Google to offer learning opportunities related to STEAM, UX/UI design, and other tech-related topics via webinars, workshops, and virtual learning opportunities.

Membership Features


Our community and membership for teens provides free mentoring and tutoring through live webinars, live streams, Clubhouse-style listen-ins, and one-on-one support on anything from time-management to social skills. Our community is a safe and secure way to make connections and obtain experience in internships, entrepreneurship, and much more!

Social-Emotional Education and Support

Our emphasis on community-building and mental health and wellness provides support for homeschooled teens who want to make new friends, connect with mentors, and learn more every day about becoming a well-rounded individual. 

Events and Camps

From our annual summer camp, STEAM League, to our webinars and group chats, we’ve got exactly what you need to grow as an individual and expand your horizons. Learn something new every day with new posts, educational content, and exclusive learning material from our partners. 

Annual Virtual Summer Camp

From coding skills to entreprenurial mindset-building, this camp combines tech accelerator-type competitions and sessions with summer-camp style fun! Win up to $1k in prizes to start your business and build your career!

Looking for a career-starter? 

Our nonprofit has both volunteer and internship programs (completely virtual) for teens who are 15+. Learn more and launch your career today!