Breaking Down Barriers in Home Education

We know first-hand that homeschooling can be expensive and less accessible for families from historically underrepresented communities, lower-income households, and urban/rural homeschool groups. EHEP works to make homeschooling equitably accessible for all.

EHEP provides technology, financial support, and online learning opportunities and fuels local homeschool groups’ community engagement to support families’ homeschooling endeavors.

EHEP Empowers Families through digital Equity!

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Technology and Financial Support

From laptops to printers, EHEP works to increase equitable ownership of technology amongst families who typically would not have access at home. EHEP also works to offset costs commonly associated with curriculum and extracurriculars through micro-funds.

Hyper-Localized Support

We empower homeschool groups and local charities with resources, information, and national connections to provide tailored support to homeschoolers in the communities that need it most!

Wireless Signal Reception

Internet and Online Learning Opportunities

We are working to expand access to stable internet for every homeschooler in the US, working in rural and urban communities to provide hotspots, stable internet, and digital learning tools + classes to make homeschooling more accessible.

Thank you to all of our EHEP hubs - Partners bringing EHEP to their cities.

Cultural Roots Homeschooling Cooperative - Virginia

Cultural Roots Homeschooling Cooperative is a culturally-rooted Richmond-area community organization serving homeschoolers in Central VA. Their applications open each year around May-June.


Canary Academy Online Inc. - National

We are working to provide support to all families from various cities across the US. This year, we will be focusing resources on cities in Alaska, Maryland, California, and Michigan. Applications open around June-August.


Bridges to Science - Texas

Bridges to Science is a STEAM-focused organization supporting families in Houston, Texas. Providing equitable access to science and mathematics education. Applications open around June-September.


Peace of Earth

Peace of Earth is a nature-based homeschool co-op and learning center in Caroline County, VA. We are collaborating with them to bring more technology and learning tools to rural areas in the Caroline County/Beaverdam area of Virginia.


Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida

BHCFL is a culturally-affirming homeschool co-op and support center in central Florida. Applications open around May-September.


this work would not be possible without Our Partners and donors!

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