EHEP (Equity in Home Education Program)


Are you from a disadvantaged, historically underrepresented, or low-income background? Does your student need a laptop, headset, microphone, or better access to internet services? Do you feel you are not budgeting well enough to maximize your funds? Maybe you can’t find the resources you need when you need them most? The truth is, we’ve been there, done that. That’s why we created EHEP to help solve these problems.


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EHEP Keeps You Homeschooling Your Way!

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We provide you with the support you need to flourish while homeschooling. We provide laptops, homeschool materials, resources, budgeting assistance, and micro-grants to families in need. This program’s focus is providing support and resources to underrepresented homeschooling families from minority and low-income backgrounds. We give you the peace of mind you need to homeschool without breaking the bank. National applications open May 1st, 2023. Aid is given on a first come, first served basis.

Series 3 launches May 1st, 2023! See below for special local launch dates. 

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Services EHEP series 3 offers:

  • Homeschool Budgeting Assistance 
  • Technology Donations (Laptops, printers, etc.) 
  • Free Live Classes and Tutoring K12

  • Free EdTech Subscriptions

  • Free Wifi (to select families)

  • School Supplies In-Kind Donations

  • Micro-Grants (up to $100-$250 per family)



Funds Raised for EHEP 2022

Help Us Help More Families!

Most people call it a wishlist. We have built a needs list, full of items we would love to have donated to make our care packages even more all-inclusive and tailored to kids’ needs. Please take time to contribute one or more item(s)!

Every item goes directly to a child in need!

Estimated Impact Map

With applicants from over 30 localities (approx.), EHEP is spreading all over the US. View our impact from 2022 below!

Thanks to our main donor, VELA Education Fund, we were able to secure enough funding to provide approx. 1000 families with aid packages and an additional 500+ families with digital support, materials, and live classes this year!

That breaks down to 300 national applications and 700+ local EHEP applications from within partner localities.

A Special Thanks to Our City-Wide Partner Hubs

These organizations, groups, and co-ops have opted to serve as distribution hubs for localized versions of EHEP in 2023. This will provide families from areas where there is high demand with more accessible options for receiving aid, including pick-up and city-wide volunteer kit distribution days. 

Cultural Roots Homeschooling Co-op in Richmond, VA is hosting the EHEP RVA program in May 2023 (as well as the big RVA EHEP DAY donation drive and community service day – May 19th @ 12 PM – 5 PM). They are a culturally centered homeschool co-op that serves families in the metro-Richmond area.

To apply to their localized EHEP program, see below! If accepted, you’ll pick up your kit(s) on EHEP Day RVA!

Bridges to Science in Houston, TX is hosting the EHEP Houston program in August 2023. As a STEM-focused organization based in Texas, Bridges to Science focuses on encouraging STEM-based learning amongst students. 

Applications to their localized program will open in May-June 2023. 

Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida is a a “501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization based in Volusia County, Florida.” They “are a support group for black homeschooling parents in the Greater Central Florida area, all counties in Florida, and beyond.”

To apply to their localized EHEP program, contact them directly starting August 2023.

National Applications

Canary Academy Online Inc. is launching national applications May 1st. There will be only 25 kits available for shipment to US counties and cities not currently served by the localized EHEP programs. 

Renewed For 2023 - Need STEAM Education Support?

This year is the first year in which Project STEAM LEAP is taking action! As a project under the larger Equity in Home Education Program, Project STEAM LEAP is working to make STEAM education more accessible for affordable for families. EHEP recipients will automatically be enrolled in Project STEAM LEAP’s services, such as free science kits, live STEAM classes, and more!

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors and Donors

Note: Organizations who sponsor this program or provide donations are not necessarily endorsing or partnering with CAO as whole. See our partners list below for a list of program partners.  

A Special Thanks to Our Program Partners

An added thanks to our local moms supporting in distribution and outreach efforts:

Abby, Southeastern US

Debbie, Southwestern US

Jennifer, Southeastern US