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Joining Canary Academy Online Inc. as a member allows you to gain access to our growing digital community full of hundreds of homeschoolers just like you, resources, coaching calls, and online learning opportunities for K12 students.

We are not a school and do not have a typical “school” schedule. Instead, our online community allows you to access a variety of seasonal live classes, digital resources, teaching tools, and on-demand coursework ala carte.

Buying a membership supports a homeschool family in need

Every membership purchase allows us to provide membership benefits at no cost to a lower-income family in our network.

Plus...You get all of these member perks!

digital clubs & online classes

Online spaces for K12 students include seasonal live classes, like K8 science or social studies, and clubs like language or cooking! Choose from a variety of clubs, live classes, and asynchronous classes all from one portal!

Mentorship & community-based support

Connect with fellow homeschoolers in a friendly community online. Chat with mentors who have been homeschooling for years! Gain access to discounts, coupons, deals, and members-only access to digital resources like worksheets and new educational content!

Org-wide teaching tool subscriptions & Digital resources

From digital books to org-wide subscriptions to places like Flocabulary or IXL, we always have new teaching tools available for your use. These tools vary from year to year, as we purchase them based on community members' opinions!

Memberships also help make our work possible

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Homeschooling is Innovative

We as homeschoolers, are not afraid of making our voices heard and embracing positive change. This includes getting involved in innovation, new funding options, digital curriculum, and technology.

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Student-led Learning is Possible

The Canary Way learning method promotes inquiry and project-based learning that is student-led and facilitated by experienced guides (instructors who may be other students or experienced educators).

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Community Advocacy Means Everything

We elevate the voices of historically underrepresented homeschool communities through videos, educational content, articles, and grassroots advocacy.

Learn with the canary way!

Homeschool your way with our simple method!

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Engaging Open-Discussion:

Every lesson and learning journey begin with/include open-ended questions to encourage participation and guide the direction of the lesson.

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Gamified Learning:

Each learning experience is interactive and challenges students to think and collaborate.

In-the-moment student-inspired discovery!

Every moment we are breathing, we are learning something. How can we embrace this experience of natural learning to encourage students to be curious and make new discoveries?

Personalized Assessments:

We know students learn different and test different, so we build learning experiences that enhance learning and encourage students to review content for mastery instead of simply rote rehersal.

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