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Community Collaboration Preserves Home Education

Partnerships fuel success. Collaboration nurtures relationships. Connections empower individuals. At Canary Academy Online Inc., we are always looking for partners and donors who will help us empower homeschoolers across the US with technology and digital learning tools.

As a Gen-Z and youth-led organization, we are dedicated to tackling barriers, expanding access, and building models that encourage homeschoolers to homeschool their way!

Let’s see what we can achieve together!

We partner with deeply aligned organizations in education

Biblically-inspired Partnerships

While we do not promote a specific religion in our operations and programs, we are a biblically-inspired organization. We extract universally applicable principles and practices from the biblical text that guide our strategic programming. We look forward to partnering with organizations that provide safe, wholesome, and engaging content for students and parents alike.

customizable partnerships

Partnerships allow us to build our brand while networking and connecting with others who share our passion for homeschool education. From opportunities to develop video content for our library to providing your product discounts to our members, there are numerous ways to partner.

sustainable futures

Our partnerships emphasize collaborative, mutually beneficial, and community-centered connections that will support the growth and development of both organizations involved. Examples of partnerships include:

  • EHEP distribution sites
  • Donors & In-kind donations
  • Testing new learning services with our K12 students
  • Providing curriculum

We promote home education

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Homeschooling is Innovative

We, as homeschoolers, are not afraid of making our voices heard and embracing positive change. This includes getting involved in innovation, new funding options, digital curriculum, and technology.

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Student-led Learning is Possible

The Canary Way learning method promotes inquiry and project-based learning that is student-led and facilitated by experienced guides (instructors who may be other students or experienced educators).

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Community Advocacy Means Everything

We elevate the voices of historically underrepresented homeschool communities through videos, educational content, articles, and grassroots advocacy.

Our Main Initiative: representation Matters in Home education

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Equity in Home Education Program

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Partners help us build community - together

Community hubs

Community hubs are local or state-wide homeschool groups that are looking to further engage their communities. We provide digital infrastructure, technology, and even EHEP aid kits to empower organizations to best serve families.

Donors and sponsors

Donors and sponsors are crucial to the success of our organization. From event sponsorships to program support, donors provide in-kind or monetary support to help us run our programs and support more families.

Organizational & corporate partners

Want to get into the homeschool space but not sure if your program is properly tailored to the community or think it needs honest feedback? We can help! Need support to offer digital learning experiences to your employees? We can help!

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