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Our Research

Canary Academy Online Inc. is releasing new findings, case studies, and video shorts on homeschooling in the US. Throughout 2024 and 2025, we will be posting the summaries of these findings here.

Our goal is to elevate the stories and narratives of homeschoolers, specifically those from underrepresented and historically marginalized homeschooling communities, as a part of our new media campaign, “I Am Homeschooled.”

We believe that the more homeschoolers are seen in the media, the more homeschool-friendly policies, legislation, and programs will be created. We want to keep homeschooling popular for the right reasons.

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Our Plan for Research: 2024-2025

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We will partner with local microschools, co-ops, and educational centers to distribute surveys centered around the homeschool experience to families, trying to better understand anything from challenges and successes to funding access. We want the latest research on homeschooling to be relevant and relatable.

We then take the data collected and focus on specific themes to disseminate the research to policymakers, educational leaders, and philanthropy organizations.

We will collaborate with philanthropic partners to distribute funding and support to families and organizations involved in our research projects, from micro-grants to school supplies vouchers.

We will produce shorts, documentaries, and articles (among other multimedia formats) with the data collected. Our personal favorite way to distribute data is through case studies.

Key Areas of Focus for 2024

  • Juneau/Fairbanks, Alaska
  • DC-Maryland-Virginia (DMV region)
  • Dallas-Fort Worth, TX (DFW region)
  • Houston, TX
  • Richmond, VA

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