Services For Microschools and Homeschool Groups

Partnerships fuel success. Collaboration nurtures relationships. Connections empower individuals. At Canary Academy Online Inc., we are always looking for partners and donors who will help us empower homeschoolers across the US with technology and digital learning tools.

As a Gen-Z and youth-led organization, we are dedicated to tackling barriers, expanding access, and building models that encourage homeschoolers to homeschool their way!

Let’s see what we can achieve together!

Consultative work

We work with budding homeschool and microschool groups to provide implementation support, academic programming support, and founder empowerment training to ensure groups are well-equipped to grow and thrive.

academic program development

We support founders and program leads working to ensure the success of their academic programs. From virtual summer camps to online two-day webinars, we help edupreneurs and homeschool parents build the programs of their dreams with our digital tools and processes.

blended learning/virtual learning program design

We provide classes, both synchronous and asynchronous, to education leaders looking to implement blended learning or virtual learning programs into their schedules or routines. We provide vetted teachers/instructors, the online learning portal, and all the content and advice needed to get started.

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