Services for Groups, Small Businesses, and Organizations

Need help organizing a virtual co-op, camp, or class? We’ve got you covered. Need help developing a plan for a virtual summer class or online courses? We’ve got you covered. No matter what you’re looking for, if it has to do with creating an engaging learning experience for kids, we’ve got you covered!

Personalized Options

Regardless of your budget, goals, or how thought-out your idea is, we help you develop the perfect plan for every type of virtual learning program.

We help parents find curriculum and develop personalized plans for homeschooling their students. Now, we’ve expanded to helping you and your business/group/organization do the same with online programs!

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Let’s look at some of our major services!

Our Unique CMCS Program 

Consultations for Finding Curriculum and Homeschool Resources

Homeschool or Online Educational Programs Advice

Providing you with the guidance needed to plan your virtual program and execute it efficiently.

  • Includes a 15-30 minute planning session

  • intro to virtual programs resources package

  • small guidebook with a template for hosting a virtual program with a list of free resources

Custom Designed Educational Programs/Plans and/or Online Courses Assistance

Providing you with the full plan for onboarding, recruitment, payment, platforms, budgeting, and anything else needed to run your virtual program.

  • Includes a custom plan for the execution of the program

  • curriculum suggestions

  • development of a book list for the program

  • onboarding plan for tutors or teachers (including training)

  • tutor network recommendations

  • volunteer recruitment ideas

  • online/physical courses recommendations

  • online platform recommendations for hosting virtual programs


Program Testing

Need finishing touches? Want us to look your plan over and see if it aligns with the Canary Way? 

  • Includes efficiency check of the program plan
  • the discussion of any edits 
  • referral to any other professionals and educators in our network
  • the finalization of the program plan
  • advice on how to assess growth during the duration of the program
  • recommendation of vendors for purchasing curriculum
  • any other needed advice or suggestions

Marketing and Targeted Product Testing within our homeschool base.

Want to test out a product you think would benefit the homeschool sector without going full-throttle? We can help!


You might be curious about how all of this works. Let me explain…


Are these services refundable?

All consultations/sessions and digital, custom-made materials/plans are nonrefundable once provided, but if you are not pleased with our services, please reach out to us within 7 days of purchase, and we will see how we can make it right on a case by case basis. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. This is because custom documents take a lot of manpower to create and, once they are created and provided to you, we can’t get them back or resell them. 

Why do I need to get a quote?

Every business/group/organization is different, and we want to factor in how many people will be using the program and what your overall budget is before providing you with a price.

How do I know you have the experience and qualifications to help me?

We at CAO have a passion for creating engaging educational experiences. Our team is comprised of homeschool grads, licensed teachers, professors, product designers, and homeschooling parents so that every piece of our plan and services are in full, working order when you need them. We assure you that our experience in homeschooling/online education can help you with whatever educational endeavor you are planning!

Where does my money go when I pay for one of these services?

You payment actually provides us with more means to support families who cannot afford to homeschool or pay for memberships to our co-op or nonprofit.

Why are you doing this if your focus is to help homeschool parents?

Simple, we love helping students learn and sharing the joy of learning with everyone. Using the same methods as when we work with homeschool families, we provide businesses/groups/organizations with the same treatment and advice. Using our Canary Way framework/methodology, everyone can benefit from teaching and learning like homeschoolers do.

Do you offer other services if needed?

Sure! When you request a quote, you can specify what you need and why within the quote request form.

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*Please note that CAO reserves the right to reject proposals at their discretion based on if they feel the proposed project is a good fit for their services and area of expertise.